Sapphire Labs, LLC

Nectar Defender™

Nectar Defender™  naturally and safely protects your nectar and feeder. It contains no artificial preservatives or dyes, just a mineral micronutrient that keeps nectar fresh much longer. This mineral micronutrient is part of a hummingbird's natural diet.

Nectar Fortress™  Natural Ant Repellent is an ant-repelling clear gel that is made from natural ingredients. Simply draw a line across any paths ants might use to get to your feeder, and you're done. It is made from food-based ingredients, and safe for use around children, birds, and pets. Nectar Fortress is weatherproof, so one application lasts the whole season.

Naturally Fresh ™ is specially formulated to provide hummingbirds and orioles with a healthy nectar that stays fresh longer. Naturally Fresh contains Nectar Defender ™. With Naturally Fresh, hummingbirds will enjoy having fresh nectar every time they visit your feeder.

Feeder Fresh
  Feeder Fresh prevents mold and caking in your bird feeders, makes them easy to clean, and more appealing to birds.   It is a bird-safe moisture trap and seed preservative that fights rain, condensation, leaks, and humidity to keep your feeder fresh.

Odor Warrior™ Litter Additive - Cat litter odor control with ultra absorbing activated carbon. Odor Warrior starts working immediately without masking odors with fragrance.  Use it with all types of litter; scoopable or non-scoopable, clay or natural.  Eliminates odor for a fresh, clean smelling home. Odor Warrior is non-toxic, and made from coconut shells, a natural and sustainable resource.

Crystal Clay™

Crystal Clay®  is an invisible soil that allows you to see root development with clarity. This unique product that is both educational and fun, and comes in a complete kit, with seeds. You just add water! For schools and individuals alike.

Simple Start™ Thistle Feeder

Simple Start ™ pre-filled thistle feeder, that offers a simple way to attract small birds to your yard. Available only through retail stores.