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Crystal Clay® Transparent Soil

Educators Love Crystal Clay®

"Crystal Clay® is an excellent addition to the classroom... students were able to see how the entire root system begins...students eagerly made their way to the science station to make discoveries.." Mrs. Coppley, Third Grade Teacher

Excellent visual reinforcement of the life sciences curriculum

Lets students see the whole process of plant growth from germination to maturity. Fast growing for immediate results- germinates in 1-2 days.

See root growth behavior not observable in regular soil or standard hydroponics.

All ages will find it easy to set up, and have fun watching the crystals swell 100 times in size.

Affordable for the whole class or for homeschooling

To keep prices down, and to make the kits more appropriate for the classroom, our educator kits come without holograms, fun creatures and sparkles, but with everything else needed for a successful growing and learning experience.

Crystal Clay® has been approved by the California Department of Education, and can be purchased using Instructional Materials Fund (IMF) Resources in that state.

Educational Kit Plants
10-pack Educational Kit, contents of 3 Educational Kits shown here
Contents of a Single Retail Kit
Single Retail Kit
5 x 5 Tube Stands
Tube Stands
Where can I buy Crystal Clay®?

Crystal Clay is sold by many national distributors. 

Carolina Biological Catalog -
Nasco Science Catalog -
Edmund Scientifics -
Science Kit / Boreal Laboratories -