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Feeder Fresh™ Seed and Feeder Protector. Safely and effectively prevents growth of disease-causing mold to ensure your feeder stays clean, dry and healthy for birds.
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Feeder Fresh 16 oz UPC: 811024001061

Feeder Fresh 9 oz UPC: 811024001054

Stop mold before it forms. Save time, stop scrubbing. The most toxic compounds on earth are created by molds. Feeder Fresh™ eliminates moisture and keeps mold toxins from forming. Feeder Fresh makes backyard birding easier. No more scrubbing , scrapping or ruined feeders.
Bird safe, all natural. Effective super absorbent. Contains no chemicals. Made purely from essential minerals naturally consumed by wild birds. Safe absorbent granules contain billions of micropores to grab moisture and keep it trapped. Does not clump or swell.
Feeder Fresh 16 oz UPC: 811024001061
Feeder Fresh 9 oz UPC: 811024001054
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