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    Regular Size Bag     Large Value Size Bag    Trial Size Bag 
1.25 pint, 22 oz
2.25 pint, 39 oz .25 pint, 4 oz
Net Weight
9 oz, 255 g
16 oz, 453 g  1.6 oz, 46 g
Case Size
24 24 24 
Minimum Quality
1 case (24) 
 1 case (24) 1 case (24) 

If you are a retailer who would like to carry our product, 

please call us at (925) 998-3307 for pricing, or to order.

Or fax a purchase order to (925) 513-2367


If you would like to purchase through your distributor, we are handled by Central Garden Distribution, Commerce Corp, Gold Crest, Lizzie Mae's Bird Seed, and AFCO

Our product is packaged in cases of 24 bags. Feeder Fresh® comes in two sizes for your convenience. Our regular size is approximately 22 oz., and is ideal for the standard user. Our trial size is 4 oz. and is best as a give-away sample or low-cost item for the new customer who would like to try our product.

We at Sapphire Labs, LLC know wild bird safety and health is critical to bird watchers, and it is the primary reason for designing our products. We think that Feeder Fresh will promote the health of wild birds due to it's ability to keep feeders fresh, dry, and healthy.


Proudly made in the USA!
US Patents 7,389,742 and 7,624,700